Comprehensive Utilization of Copper-Nickel Sludge (Capacity:80,000t/a )

Electroplating sludge, is one kind of solid waste produced during electronics, electroplating, circuit board surface treatment and other processing

Copper Recycling Solution Copper Recycling Solution

Electroplating sludge, is one kind of solid waste produced during electronics, electroplating, circuit board surface treatment and other processing

Electroplating sludge, is one kind of solid waste produced during electronics, electroplating, circuit board surface treatment and other processing, this kind of sludge containing a variety of heavy metal elements such as copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, etc, characterized by high water content,fine particles, in the form of fine mud, metal is mostly in the form of hydroxides, oxides, carbonates and other states endowed with the fluctuating range of the metal content, the comprehensive utilization and harmless treatment of this kind of electroplating sludge is a high challenging task.
Common electroplating sludge can be simply categorized as copper-containing electroplating sludge, nickel-containing electroplating sludge, chromium-containing electroplating sludge and so on according to the amount of content or recycling target. In terms of the nature and characteristics of electroplating sludge, to achieve a better comprehensive utilization of the effect should focus on solving the following problems:
1. The adaptability of raw materials. As electroplating sludge usually comes from different manufacturers, the composition of sludge is complex, and the content of major metals and impurities in the sludge fluctuates over a wide range, which makes the selection of process more difficult.
2. Traditional pyrometallurgy process metal resources comprehensive utilization rate is not high, some available resources are not fully utilized, the metal recovery rate is not high and lost in the discarded slag or wastewater, very easy to cause secondary pollution.

3. Economic issues: Hydrometallurgy processing often results in high production costs due to long processes and low metal recovery rates.
Therefore, we should choose an adaptable process technology, in order to improve the utilization rate of resources at the same time, and to produce high-value products and completely solve the problem of secondary pollution. By utilizing resources efficiently, we can eliminate electroplating sludge pollution. It is the key to achieving an effective use of resources and harmless disposal of hazardous wastes.
Features of this process:
1. The latest oxygen-enriched side-blowing furnace is used to realize the harmless recycling of electroplating sludge, with a wide range of raw material application, high recycling rate and large treatment capacity.
2. Effective reduction of operating costs.
3. Effectively control the heavy metal content in the slag, slag can be sold as building materials after water quenching, to solve the problem of slag heap and pollution.
4. Equipped with advanced desulfurization and tail gas purification systems to ensure clean emissions and protect the local environment.
Raw material: Copper-containing sludge, Nickel-containing sludge, other heavy metal-containing wastes.

Chemical Composition of Raw Material

Table 1-1 Typical chemical composition of copper-containing sludge




Table 1-2 Typical chemical composition of nickel containing sludge


Copper Recycling Plant Capacity

80,000 t/a

Process Flow

Comprehensive Utilization of Copper-Nickel Sludge (Capacity:80,000t/a )

Copper Recycling Plant Process Description

Dry sludge, carbon concentrate, quartzite, limestone and iron ore enter the side-blowing furnace through the automatic feeding belt, the primary air nozzle drums into the oxygen-enriched air to fuel the combustion and smelting reaction, and the secondary air nozzle drums into the compressed air to oxidize the excess CO in the hearth of the oxygen-enriched side-blowing furnace to CO2. The oxygen-enriched side-blowing furnace consists of two parts, the main furnace and the electrically heated front bed, and the material completes the smelting reaction in the main furnace, and the slag enters the electrically heated front bed through the hole between the main furnace and the front bed,the upper layer of smelting slag in the front bed enters the slag pond through the slag chute, and the bottom layer of copper matte and nickel matte enters the ingot machine to cast into ingots through the copper chute. The water quenching slag is grabbed out from the slag pool by a grapple and directly loaded into the slag truck or piled up in the water slag storage.

After the ingot is cooled, the copper matte and nickel matte are demolded, crushed to the required particle size by two-stage jaw crusher and Raymond mill, and then packed for sale or sent to warehouse for storage.

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