Oxygen-enriched Side-blown Furnace

Single furnace with oxidation and reduction functions

Oxygen Enriched Side Blown Furnace Description

Oxygen enriched side blown furnace

The furnace design of the RE-type oxygen enriched side blown furnace is a result of years of research and development led by the experts of the company from Central South University and nonferrous metallurgy industry. The team behind the design has extensive experience in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. The very first patent on the oxygen-enriched side-blown furnace process was obtained by Liu Wei, the founder of the company, in 2014. Since then, the company has been dedicated to continuous innovation and R&D to respond to the changing demands of the industry. The process design and furnace design have been constantly improved, resulting in the acquisition of more than 40 patents.

The oxygen enriched side blown furnace plays a vital role in numerous industries, and this particular furnace type has garnered significant attention owing to its outstanding performance. It has proven to be a game-changer, not just in terms of economic benefits but also with regards to environmental protection,energy-saving,efficiency,safety and stability. Its popularity has only soared over the past decade, with newly-built smelters widely incorporating this furnace type.

Capacity per day: 120ton~1200ton

Design Features

Oxygen Enriched Side Blown Furnace Design

Copper Jacket And Copper Nozzle Design

Furnace Hearth Design

The Unique Design of Flue and Waste Heat Boiler Ensures

Highly Automated

Patented overall furnace design, the same area of greater capacity, saving investment in the furnace construction and civil construction.

Oxygen Enriched Side Blown Furnace

Patented design copper jacket and copper nozzle, long life of the whole furnace, less maintenance requirement

Patented furnace hearth design, longer service life.

The unique design of flue and waste heat boiler ensures that the flue gas stays in the high temperature area for no less than 2 seconds, and the dioxins and carbon monoxide in the flue gas are fully combusted, reducing the dioxins in the flue gas and lowering the dust rate.

Highly automated, all charging, gas distribution, furnace condition monitoring, smoke monitoring and subsequent environmental protection facilities are controlled by the DCS control system in the central control room, and the control system is equipped with a remote industrial net gate, which can realize remote control and mobile control.


Results / Patents


Application Number


Patent Number

An oxygen lance of side-blowing furnace and the side-blowing furnace

utility model


protection period


A side-blowing furnace for oxygen-enriched molten pool smelting

utility model


protection period


Operational Advantages

Flexible selection of fuel and reductant agents according to regional availability and price for different resources,good for cost control

High metal recovery rate, low lead content in slag, environmentally friendly

Wide application, mature process, high safety factor, convenient operation

Adopt low temperature melting, low operating cost and low dust rate


Lead recycling

Copper Smelting

Nickel Ore Processing

Slag & Sludge Recovery

Copper Refining

Dust & Ash Processing

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