Single furnace with oxidation reduction functions



The establishment of RE TECH came from the founder Professor Liu Wei's vision to apply the years' research achievements to industrial development and realizing low-carbon economy in valuable metal recovery. Our history began with research and development, and our future is built on the basis of continuous research and innovation by our R&D staff. We are willing to cooperate and innovate with research institutes and universities all over the world, and contribute to sustainable development together.

Feasibility Study

RE TECH has been trusted by the owners and investors for its professional ability. Over the years, we have provided feasibility studies for new and renovation projects of many smelting enterprises, providing vital assistance for the approval of the projects, and our main principles are as follows

  • Make full use of the resources of the project site and surrounding areas, the energy and labor advantages of the enterprise site, fully consider the preconditions of the design plan, rationalize the use of resources, integrate resources, extend the industrial chain, maximize the use of resources and maximize benefits.

  • Adhere to the principles of advanced technology and equipment, applicability, reasonableness and economy, adopt advanced production technology, select advanced production equipment, and ensure product quality and enterprise benefits.

  • Comply with the relevant standards and specifications of the project location.

  • Make every effort to save energy and reduce consumption in the design, conserve water and improve the repeated utilization rate of energy.

  • Pay attention to environmental protection and adopt effective comprehensive environmental management measures during the implementation of the project.

  • Pay attention to labor safety and health, the design documents shall meet the requirements of local standards and norms on labor safety, labor health and fire protection.


Engineering design

Engineering design is the most important step for a new smelter, our 100+ engineers totally understand it and fully responsible for the most suitable process and equipment selection with years experience in smelting industry. For any process or equipment you need professional advice,please dont hesitate to get in touch with our experts and engineers.

Equipment manufacturing

RE TECH is proud of its quality control and cost control staffs,they always works their best to meet customer expectation.

Installation and

As an engineering company,best news for us is always hearing the commissioning is done successfully and on-time.For every EPC projects we have been trusted to handle,we all keep our promise and celebrate with our client for their new plant running.



For some of our projects,the plant owner would invite our team to handle the operation of the plant for one or two years,we have a team to back up for any customer have this need.


We invest plants who would like us to join too.

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