Low-Temperature Pyrolysis Furnace

System Description

In order to realize the clean utilization of hazardous wastes with heavy metals and organic substances, RE TECH has developed a unique low-temperature pyrolysis technology for organic hazardous wastes, which can be widely used in the resource treatment and harmless recycling of waste enamel wires, waste circuit boards, waste tires, and waste lithium batteries with the core equipment of the steel belt-type low-temperature pyrolysis furnace. The technology adopts anaerobic pyrolysis to carry out comprehensive recovery, avoiding the production of a large number of hazardous substances generated by direct incineration, while at the same time, all the organic matter will be converted into reusable products, realizing the recycling of hazardous wastes, and completely solving the problem of environmental pollution in the process of recovery of such resources. This technology has already achieved successful industrial application.

Low-Temperature Pyrolysis Furnace

Lead Recycling

Copper Smelting

Nickel Ore Processing

Slag & Sludge Recovery

Copper Refining

Dust & Ash Processing

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