80,000 T/A Lead Recycling Plant with OSBF Technology EPC Solution

Single furnace with oxidation and reduction functions

Lead Recycling Solution Lead Recycling Solution

The design of this lead smelter adopts RE TECH patented technology

The design of this lead smelter adopts RE TECH patented technology - oxygen-enrich side-blown bath smelting technology to meet the customer's demand of processing lead oxide, lead sulfide and lead paste at the same time, the design of the whole production line has been applied and approved in large lead-zinc smelters in China, and the technical specifications are supported by actual production data.

Features of this process: OSB furnace as core equipment High direct recovery rate of lead and zinc, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, low operation cost, low emission, high safety level

Raw Material

Lead Paste

Lead Oxide

Lead Sulfide

End Product

99.99% Lead

Zinc Suboxides

Sulfuric Acid

Chemical Composition of Raw Material

Process Advantage

OSBF technology + Fuming furnace+Electro-refining to achieve comprehensive recovery of all metals with high recovery rate,clean production and low production cost.

Process Flow

80,000 T/A Lead Recycling Plant with OSBF Technology EPC Solution

Process Description

This process adopts fully automatic waste lead-acid battery crushing and sorting production line, which can effectively sort out various materials of different weight and nature after crushing, with high automation, high production efficiency and good safety performance; The system has full screen monitoring and automatic alarm; good environmental protection effect, close circulation of acid, no external emission, and acid mist collected centrally and discharged by cleaning and filtering treatment to meet the environmental standard.


The smelting workshop adopts oxygen-enriched side-blowing furnace process for smelting, which can handle various materials such as lead paste, lead ore, lead slag, lead-containing dust and scrap, etc. As oxygen-rich air is blown into the side-blown furnace as the reaction condition, the oxygen-rich air stirs the slag vigorously, the smelting reaction occurs fully and quickly, and the amount of air needed to be blown into the reaction is less, which makes the SO2 concentration in the flue gas after the reaction high enough to reach the content requirement of sulfuric acid production.,which not only achieves the standard emission of SO2 in the flue gas, but also increases the economic income by adding sulfuric acid as by-product..


The oxygen-enriched side-blown furnace recycling process adopts the principle of molten pool melting and adopts intelligent batching system to realize scientific raw material proportioning, so that the slag and crude lead can be separated and recycled with high efficiency, while the slag as by-product, after water quenching, directly forms solid waste glass, which can be used as material for building materials such as cement.

After multi-step treatment such as waste heat boiler, electric dust collection and ionic liquid purification, the tail gas produced by smelting, its indexes such as particulate matter content, SO2 content and NOx content can reach the emission standards of many countries, and the system can also be designed according to the local environmental protection requirements.


Electro-refining system is designed to recovery the precious metal from anode slime and get lead reach purity over 99.99%.


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A dust removal device and its system

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A powder unpacking machine

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