Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Battery Crusher System Description​

The standard capacity of this battery crusher and sorting system is 100,000t batteries per year, waste lead batteries (10% acid content) as raw material, the batteries will go through preliminary crushing machine to remove acid, then go to secondary crushing, vibrating screening, hydro-separator, heavy metal removal,water separation. Finally will get the final products lead paste, lead grid, PP plastic and heavy plastic. The plant acid water system is a closed circuit, with pH meter control and discharging system.

Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Battery Crusher System Basic Technical Parameters

Used battery capacity per hour20t/h within acid
PP productivity and recovery rate5,000t/a, 99%
Lead recovery rate98.5%
Heavy plastic productivity,1000t/a
Lead grid productivity300,000t/a
Lead paste productivity400,000t/a

Battery Crusher System Process Flow

Capacity: 5t/h,10t/h,15t/h, 20t/h

Introduction of Battery Crusher System Main Equipment

Hammer Battery Crusher

The crusher will crush batteries to fragment with size about 80×50mm.


Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-4 Hammer Battery Crusher


Vibrating Screen

The primary vibrating screen will separate lead mud as undersize product while wash the lead grid, PP and heavy plastic by water as oversize product.


Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-5 Primary Vibrating Screen


Lead grid, PP and heavy plastic is separated with different specific mass and flotation in the hydro-separator.

Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-7 Hydro-separator

Screw Conveyor

There are 5 sets screw conveyors: 1# lead grid screw conveyor, 2# lead grid screw conveyor, 1# PP screw conveyor, 2# PP screw conveyor and heavy plastic screw conveyor.

2# lead grid screw conveyor transport the lead grid from 2nd hydro-separator bottom to storage silo.


Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-8 Lead Grid Screw Conveyor

 Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-10 Heavy plastic Screw Conveyor 


Heavy plastic screw conveyor transport heavy plastic to storage silo. And there is another discharging hole in the middle of the conveyor, which discharges PP.

Lead Paste Sedimentation Machine (Big Boat)

The lead paste from primary and second vibrating screen will be agglomerated by flocculant in this sedimentation boat. There is acid meter, and it will alarm and add water when acid content is more than 5%. H2SO4 solution (5%) density is 1.032g/ml at 20°C. the whole slurry density is 1-1.03g/ml, which is good for subsequent water separation.

 Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-10 Lead Paste Sedimentation Boat

Lead Paste Slurry Tank

The Lead paste is stirred, measured, and level control in this tank.

 Battery Crushing and Sorting System

Fig. 3-11 Lead Mud Stirring Tank

Lead Recycling

Copper Smelting

Nickel Ore Processing

Slag & Sludge Recovery

Copper Refining

Dust & Ash Processing

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